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Ari Järvinen is Jobilla's new Head of Marketing

Jobilla has appointed Ari Järvinen to the position of Head of Marketing as of December 2022. Before becoming head of marketing, Ari worked as an analyst and optimization leader in Finland's largest media houses.

"Ari has demonstrated his ability to lead the marketing team towards measured and tested goals, and he has both the technical and essential understanding of marketing to help us towards our next goals," says Henri Nordström, CEO of Jobilla, describing the selection. "We are delighted to have such a multi-talented, hard-charging person to lead our team in marketing."

"I am of course very excited about the opportunity to take Jobilla's marketing forward," says Ari. "We have a service that is valued by our customers and a background of tremendous growth, so what better position to be in than to bring marketing more firmly into the mix. 

“I've been following Jobilla's path in-house for 9 months now and the best thing has been to see how Jobilla's top management has welcomed me with my ideas. The open discussions with our CEO Henri have created a really good vibe and it's nice to build on that to push forward."

In his free time, Järvinen can be found in a wide variety of hobbies, such as hockey rinks as a goalie or behind the wheel of a fire engine at the volunteer fire brigade. "I like to do things as a team and cooperation is clearly my thing. Maybe my engineering background sparkles in everyday life when you need to do things by hand," he laughs, showing a picture of an outdoor storage shed he built himself.


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December 19, 2022
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