July is notoriously known for being a popular holiday month, so it's time to gather the best ways to recharge your batteries as efficiently as possible. With these tips, you'll be able to truly recover on holiday!

1. Don’t over do it

The most effective way to avoid holiday stress is not to overbook your calendar. With the summer holidays fast approaching, many people have spent time planning each day's activities in order to make sure that the days are "used efficiently". Some activities need to be booked well in advance, but don't overbook your schedule - you're on holiday! Don't be afraid to be yourself and to be spontaneous. Holidays are not about stress or performance. Don't make this important time a chore for yourself.

2. Out of sight, out of mind

Many people probably take this for granted now, but unfortunately, many still do so - namely, peeking at work emails while on holiday. The easiest way to prevent them from intruding is simply to hide them from view. So mark your holiday on your calendar, and it will automatically say no to invitations during your holiday. Set up an out-of-office message in your email and/or a forward to a colleague who is covering for you. Finally, turn off notifications or completely remove apps from your phone for the duration of your holiday. You don't need to know how many emails have already arrived. If you have a separate work phone, hide it in a desk drawer.

3. Start by resting

The summer holidays usually come after a long period of hard work. There's no doubt that spring is a busy time of year in many industry fields, so the start of the holiday season can be a bit tiring. Why not take a couple of days off and just relax? Your body will feel more refreshed when you go on holiday.

4. Get into a holiday routine

It's often in these little moments, when you break away from your daily routine, when your holiday feels most like a holiday: you don't have to rush off to bed at 11pm, you can have a Southern European dinner, and you can sleep in late. For others, routines are more important, so there's no need to break them too often, but it's worth trying to be flexible by listening to your body and mind.

5. Enjoy!

Use your holiday to do things you really enjoy and that will help you recover from the daily grind. If you honestly don't want to go on the annual family trip, think about whether it's absolutely necessary. Your holiday is for you and the main benefit of it is yours. So value your time and enjoy your holiday!

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