Finance and Legal

Meet our financial people: with dedication, these reliable and competent people take care of legal basics as well as the Jobilla wallet, in order to allow our company a good and healthy growth. The interesting curves drawn in this department have often made the management happy!

The key to Progress

"Jobilla has the opportunity to revolutionize the recruitment industry. The sustainable growth of our company requires investments and reliable forecasts. The task of our team is to financially support the operational business in this regard as well as in the conquest of new markets."

Ville Takkinen
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Our Values

What motivates us

Sustainable growth

It's fun to work with numbers that reflect our needs in the market. The growth curve creates new opportunities and makes our job varied and challenging.

Learn something new

Rapid growth enables and requires equally rapid learning through development. We value the expertise and wealth of experience in the team and are passionate learners.


We know how important Jobilla's input is for companies in solving recruiting problems. The trust of our customers gives meaning to our entrepreneurial growth as well as our continuous development!

How do the team members experience Jobilla?

What we appreciate as well



Work Environment



Jobilla has an energetic, welcoming and motivating ambiance.

We design the day itself. All can recharge enough energy and a massage is also possible!

Although we have great, comfortable office space in the heart of Berlin, we can work anywhere.

Professionalism and the will to learn paired with a pinch of relaxation make us stand out.

Those who want to take on more responsibility can do so, so the tasks are appropriate.

Get to know us and the Jobilla culture! bolt

How does our recruiting work?

1. Questionnaire

With a few short questions you can find out if working at Jobilla is right for you. The test only takes a few minutes!


2. Match?

If your answers indicate that we're a good fit, we'll be happy to get back to you! 😊

3. Get to know

We arrange a meeting, online or in person at our office, to get to know each other better as well as our goals!


4. Welcome!

Does it fit and do we have common goals? Welcome to the team! 😊

"A unique, inspiring and straightforward hiring process that gave me a really positive impression of the company and a good feeling about joining."


Ville Takkinen


"I was in the car when I saw the Jobilla ad while browsing my Facebook feed. It took me less than 10 minutes to fill out and in less than a month I had 2 interviews and a phone call telling me they had chosen me - the easiest hiring process of my life!"


Jasmin Napari

Finance Specialist

"Getting into the application process took only a few minutes and was really easy compared to any other process I've experienced in recruiting."

Valtteri Isola

Valtteri Isola

Legal Trainee

Our Team


Ville Takkinen


Jasmin Napari

Jasmin Napari


Suvi Haikala

Suvi Haikala



Santeri Karevaara


Valtteri Isola

Valtteri Isola

Legal Trainee

Maggy Biernoth

Maggy Biernoth



Marika Viitala-Nykänen


Joonas Jäntti

joonas Jäntti



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