Meet the ambitious management team at Jobilla: These qualified and experienced people are dedicated to making Jobilla world-renowned and creating a pleasant and positive work environment for our teams, making the job a promising and positive experience!

Human and Purposeful

"Our management has been carefully selected on the basis of experience, competence and performance. We all work wholeheartedly to lead Jobilla humanely and sustainably. We want to enable the best working conditions so that together as a company we can be successful trendsetters in the global labor market!"

Henri Nordström
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Company values

What we stand for


Trial and error and learning are essential aspects of our mentality. We implement our ideas and continuously perfect our approaches and strategies, also by always seeing mistakes as an opportunity to do better.


The company as a whole as well as the individual people in the teams should be optimally supported in their long-term growth and development.

Added value

We know the value of our solutions and want to help other companies update and improve their recruitment. That is why it is important for us to continuously optimize our tools and service

How would you describe Jobilla's adventure?

What we appreciate as well



Work Environment



Jobilla has an energetic, welcoming and motivating ambiance.

We design the day itself. All can recharge enough energy and a massage is also possible!

Although we have great, comfortable office space in the heart of Berlin, we can work anywhere.

Professionalism and the will to learn paired with a pinch of relaxation make us stand out.

Those who want to take on more responsibility can do so, so the tasks are appropriate.

Get to know us and the Jobilla culture! bolt

How does our recruiting work?

1. Questionnaire

With a few short questions you can find out if working at Jobilla is right for you. The test only takes a few minutes!


2. Match?

If your answers indicate that we're a good fit, we'll be happy to get back to you! 😊

3. Get to know

We arrange a meeting, online or in person at our office, to get to know each other better as well as our goals!


4. Welcome!

Does it fit and do we have common goals? Welcome to the team! 😊

"My recruitment was a new and unexpected experience thanks to this simplicity and speed. I was not actively looking for a job, but the unconventional ad on Facebook had piqued my interest. I would not have been willing to engage in a normal application process, but here, without much effort, this contact opportunity was opened to me within a few minutes!"

Valtteri Isola

Valtteri Isola

Legal Trainee

"A different, inspiring and straightforward hiring process that gave a really positive impression of the company and a good start."

joonas_k_circle (1)

Joonas Koskela

Key Account Manager

"The process was informative, honest, warm, easy and far from what I have experienced before. :)"

Jasmin Napari

Jasmin Napari

Finance Specialist

Our Team


Ulla Eskonniemi

Executive Coordinator


Laura Virolainen

Operations Coordinator


Janne Rotko



Leo Sjöberg



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