Meet our marketing team: These professionals are dedicated to raising awareness of Jobilla and building trust for our solutions and services in the marketplace. This spreads the good news of our innovative and promising recruiting approach and helps the sales team to establish new contacts with companies.

The recruitment market is changing

"The employment market is transforming itself from employer-oriented to personnel-oriented. In addition, the long-standing shortage of skilled workers is causing problems for many companies. We at Jobilla have a solution that takes this situation into account and focuses on candidate-oriented recruiting. Our task is to introduce our new strategy to the market and to arouse interest so that as many companies as possible can get on board and effectively update their approach!"

Tommy Aittola
Tommy Aittola
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Our Values

What motivates us


There is room for ideas and imagination in our team. We discuss and think through perspectives and approaches together so that we can make the best decisions.

One common goal

We are fascinated by designing and experimenting with new ways to achieve our goals. We are eager to try out ideas and measure our success.

Relevance and purpose

We consider it valuable to help other companies find the right people, and we enjoy helping companies get excited about our effective solutions.

How do the team members experience Jobilla?

What we appreciate as well



Work environment



Jobilla has an energetic, welcoming and motivating ambiance.

We design the day itself. All can recharge enough energy and a massage is also possible!

Although we have great, comfortable office space in the heart of Berlin, we can work anywhere.

Professionalism and the will to learn paired with a pinch of relaxation make us stand out.

Those who want to take on more responsibility can do so, ensuring that the tasks are appropriate.

Get to know us and the Jobilla culture! bolt

How does our recruiting work?

1. Questionnaire

With a few short questions you can find out if working at Jobilla is right for you. The test only takes a few minutes!


2. Match?

If your answers indicate that we're a good fit, we'll be happy to get back to you! 😊

3. Get to know

We arrange a meeting, online or in person at our office, to get to know each other better as well as our goals!


4. Welcome!

Does the match fit and do we have common goals? Welcome to the team! 😊

"This recruitment process surprised and fascinated me. I was impressed by the honesty, openness and genuine contact that came from talking to people I didn't know yet. We established shared values and the same desire to always have quality in mind when doing our jobs. I immediately had the feeling that Jobilla would be a very good place for me to work."

Satu Simola

Satu Simola

Content Manager

"I have grown together with Jobilla. From the very beginning, I felt the company's trust in me and was always supported in decision-making processes. It makes me proud to work at Jobilla!"


Mathilde Plichart

VP of Design

"I found the recruiting process to be relaxed and positive, and I was warmly welcomed into the marketing team. I'm very happy about my job and how we are in control of our everyday work."

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Nathalie Mutanen

Content Producer

Our Team

Benito Jobilla

Benito Opitz

VP of Brand


Mathilde Plichart

VP of Design


Ari järvinen

SEO Manager


Satu Simola

Content Manager


Samppa Fjäder

Video Production Specialist


Vytenis Blaškevičius

Web Developer


Meira Exl

Graphic Designer Trainee


Sina Grassnick

Graphic Designer Trainee


Irene Mogollon

Content Specialist



Marketing Trainee



Graphic Designer Trainee


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