In this team we prepare the campaigns for our clientele to make the new recruiting as effective and staff-oriented as possible.

We are a perfectly coordinated team in which we support each other to always bring out the best for the companies. It is fun to work together in this way every day and to implement our innovative ideas together.

Perfection by Conviction

"It never gets boring with us in the production team and I think it's great that we're growing together. Our cohesion and the appropriate work structures create a pleasant atmosphere where everyone likes to give their best!"

Maria Schwager, Produktion-Managerin Deutschland
Maria Schweiger
Production Manager
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Our Values

What motivates us

Enthusiastic Customers

One of our biggest motivations is the exceptional results we can achieve for our clients with our thoughtful tools.

Balance Through Freedom

Our work culture is open and allows us to balance our jobs and personal lives. In addition, we can work wherever we want.

Sense of Community

We have recruited our team members ourselves and now have a great team. We are happy about new, motivated people!

How do team members experience Jobilla?

What we appreciate as well



Work Environment



Jobilla has an energetic, welcoming and motivating ambiance.

We design the day itself. All can recharge enough energy and a massage is also possible!

Although we have great, comfortable office space in the heart of Berlin, we can work anywhere.

Professionalism and the will to learn paired with a pinch of relaxation make us stand out.

Those who want to take on more responsibility can do so, so the tasks are appropriate.

Get to know us and the Jobilla culture! bolt

How does our recruiting work?

1. Questionnaire

With a few short questions you can find out if working at Jobilla is right for you. The test only takes a few minutes!


2. Match?

If your answers indicate that we're a good fit, we'll be happy to get back to you! 😊

3. Get to know

We arrange a meeting, online or in person at our office, to get to know each other better as well as our goals!


4. Welcome!

Does it fit and do we have common goals? Welcome to the team! 😊

"My hiring process at Jobilla was very relaxed and flexible. I was also able to start very soon and was happily welcomed into the team!"


Luisa Apprich

Production Specialist

"What counts for the company is who you are as a person - because you can always learn. I am proud to help shape the future of recruiting and very happy about the modern values Jobilla represents. While my acquaintances are looking forward to the weekend, Monday has become the best day of the week for me!"


Gerta Bytyqi

Senior Production Specialist

"I was called within 10 minutes of taking the test. Appreciation, interest in people and a family environment are a reality at Jobilla. In my years of professional experience, I have never experienced work as positive and authentic as here, so that on Sundays I already look forward to Monday!"


André Hoek

Account Manager

Our Team


Maria Simola

Production-Managerin Deutschland


Jacqueline Stevense

VP of Production

Gerta Bytygi

Gerta Bytygi


Luisa Apprich

Luisa Apprich


Jonas Findliing

Jonas Findling


Lynn Hofmann

Lynn Hofmann


vanessa gericke-1

Vanessa Gericke



Anna Vdovushkina



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