Social media advertising is an important part of the modern recruitment process and recruitment marketing, as targeted recruitment advertising ensures you reach the right candidates and get measurable results. In this text, we explain why Facebook and Instagram are great tools for reaching the right talent.

Facebook Recruitment Advertising Allows You to Target Your Message Precisely

Open Facebook and see the first five ad impressions in your timeline. Was at least one of them a job ad?

There are currently over 4 million active advertisers on Facebook. Guess why? Because its 1.8 billion active users provide an ideal environment for targeted advertising. One that appeals to them personally.

By comparison, 76% of all Facebook users are active, compared to just 17% on LinkedIn. So Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool, and one that's well worth including in your recruitment process.

Reach the Right People with Recruitment Marketing

Today's modern recruitment is very much a marketing exercise, as you can no longer reach all potential talent with a job advertisement alone. With Facebook advertising, you can not only increase the visibility of your job ad, but also target it to the right audience, so you can reach the people you want.

According to a LinkedIn survey, only 19% of employees are completely satisfied with their current job and wouldn't even consider changing jobs. This means that the remaining 81% of employees are interested in new job opportunities at least at an idea level. Social media advertising therefore offers a great opportunity to reach passive candidates.

Using traditional job ads, you may be reaching active job seekers, but advertising your job will help you reach the people you are looking for. Instead of waiting and hoping for suitable candidates to find your job advertisement, it's important to make yourself visible. A well-targeted advertisement can be the factor that attracts the jobseeker's interest and leads to an application.

How Do You Target Your Advertising Correctly?

Many recruiters may have tried Facebook and found it doesn't work. Often, however, the reason why it doesn't work is because the advertising hasn't been targeted to the right audience. Recruitment advertising needs to target the right audience to ensure that the right people see the vacancy.

Instagram Recruitment Advertising

According to research, the content of Instagram ads is on average 2.8 times more recalled than ads on other social media. Instagram isn't just an app where you can view beautiful photos - it's also a great platform to advertise job vacancies and reinforce your employer image.

Over the past few years, smartphones and tablets have become an increasingly important part of our daily lives. According to a Glassdoor survey, 89% of jobseekers consider mobile devices to be an important tool in their job search. As a result, advertising jobs on mobile platforms requires attention from recruiters.

Why Is Instagram a Good Tool for Recruitment?

Instagram is perhaps the best way to drive mobile traffic to your job ads. Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users, almost all of whom are mobile users. Because of its visual nature, Instagram offers an easy way to capture the attention of job seekers through an advertisement.

Instagram ads appear in the user's image stream alongside regular posts, so they attract more attention than traditional display ads. They allow you to advertise job vacancies, targeting both passive and active job seekers.

Combine Instagram Advertising With Other Advertising Tools Too

Advertising on mobile platforms has its own challenges. If your job search page is not designed for mobile platforms, will clicks on your ad lead to applications?

This is why Instagram ads work best when combined with other advertising tools. By combining retargeting and remarketing with Instagram ads, you can ensure that applicants are reminded of the job ad even if they don't submit an application as soon as they open the ad on their mobile device.

By retargeting the ad on another channel, such as Facebook or Google, the likelihood of the applicant's interest being confirmed by the time they apply is increased. We therefore strongly recommend that you take control of your recruitment advertising and targeting.

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