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Reach and activate your target group with a powerful recruitment solution. Increase the number of applications and get 7X more qualified candidates to apply for your open positions.

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Candidate-driven recruitment marketing makes recruiting easy and effortless. Reach, activate, and hire the people you are looking for using the greatest candidate-driven recruitment solution today!

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The Formula for Successful Hires

Jobilla’s recruitment solution has all the tools for reaching the right people, opening connections, and managing your recruitment process. The real results come in when you use them together.

#1 Reach

Reach the right people

Unlike traditional media and rectruitment portals, Jobilla reaches up to 90% of your target group. Reach the people you are looking for on the platforms they're on and make sure they know about your job opportunity.

Reach candidates

#2 Attract

Spark their interest

Basic job ads aren't interesting enough to attract and activate passive candidates. With the right kind of message, you can also attract the ones that are not actively looking for a new job, but would be interested to hear about your new job opportunity!

Recruitment marketing

#3 Activate

Open connections

Applying for a new job is always a huge life decision, so why make it hard for the candidates? Jobilla has powerful ways of opening connections with your target group and making applying easy for the candidates. Start opening connections effortlessly with the people you are looking for!

Get applications
Get applications using a powerful recruiting solution bolt

Recruitment software

Manage & improve with analytics

Don't waste your time or a dime on channels and services that don't bring you concrete results. Our analytics give you insight on where your applicants came from and how to get even better results on your next recruitment.

Recruitment software

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Recruitment Software

Powerful and easy-to-use ATS made for candidate-driven recruiting.

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Digital Recruitment

Become a digital headhunter and get applications using a candidate-driven recruitment marketing solution.

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Employer Branding

Build an employer brand with engaging and activating content.

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Antti A.

Antti A.

Technical Services Manager

"The professionalism of the sales team has been really good and easy to approach. The tool is easy and agile to use. As a recruiting tool it really works, we get more candidates in campaigns."

Sarianna S.

Sarianna S.

HR Partner

"Jobilla helps us in increasing the amount of candidates and the communication tool within the software was really good."

Carola N.

Carola N.

HR Director

"We wanted to develop our employer brand, find candidates and reach passive candidates. We have gotten some really good hits from campaigns, a lot of applications. And the employer branding videos we did with Jobilla were excellent."

Kati N.

Kati N.

HR Manager

"We have wanted to find passive job seekers and broaden the group of applicants. In challenging recruitments we have managed with Jobilla's help."

Anne P.

Anne P.

Senior HR Specialist

"We were not getting enough good quality candidates for our more difficult recruitments. With Jobilla we are able to reach people who are not actively looking for a new job necessarily, the passive candidates. It also makes the process quicker and easier for the candidate as well."

Arja R.

Arja R.


"With Jobilla's help we managed to hire an employee that we really needed really fast."

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Pekka Nebelung

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