Meet our sales team: These dedicated and qualified people find and contact the companies we can help with our technology and our innovative approach to solutions and service. There's always plenty to do!

Solving personnel problems together

"Our sales team offers a warm and motivating work environment. Communication skills and an open attitude naturally contribute very positively to contact with potential customers, where we convey to companies that we can solve their staffing problems together. If you have B2B experience and your heart beats for sales, then our team is the right place for you!"

Monsef Nebelung
Sales-Director Deutschland
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Our Values

What motivates us

Unique services

The best part of this work is seeing our clients become excellent at their recruiting through our service and experiencing real success. Bringing a product to the job market that is trusted and solves typical and common problems in today's recruiting is rewarding and makes us proud.

Working with responsibility and freedom

The Jobilla culture is relaxed and open. We trust our colleagues and as long as the work is done well, people can go about their day the way they want.


When we are in the process of significantly supporting companies in their recruiting, we are always united and motivated by the common goal: Our customers' success is ours too!

What is it like to work at Jobilla?

What we appreciate as well



Work Environment



Jobilla has an energetic, welcoming and motivating ambiance.

We design the day itself. All can recharge enough energy and a massage is also possible!

Although we have great, comfortable offices around the world, we can work from anywhere.

Professionalism and the will to learn paired with a pinch of relaxation make us stand out.

Those who want to take on more responsibility can do so, so the tasks are appropriate.

Get to know us and the Jobilla culture! bolt

How does our recruiting work?

1. Questionnaire

With a few short questions you can find out if working at Jobilla is right for you. The test only takes a few minutes!


2. Match?

If your answers indicate that we're a good fit, we'll be happy to get back to you! 😊

3. Get to know

We arrange a meeting, online or in person at our office, to get to know each other better as well as our goals!


4. Welcome!

Does it fit and do we have common goals? Welcome to the team! 😊

"The campaign on Facebook appealed to me immediately. I was called very soon after the test and we had a good connection right away!"


Oliver Behnke

Sales Team Manager

"I've been working at Jobilla since October 2020 and I have to say that I never imagined that simply filling out a short questionnaire on Facebook would turn into such a positive story for me. The work is varied and exciting for me - I have fun every day working together on our goals!"


Adekola Adeagbo

Senior Account Manager

"I originally got to know Jobilla during my placement work with students as a business partner and was able to gain insight into the company, the teams and the culture. Eventually, I got to the point where I referred myself to Jobilla!"


Josephine Mai

Key Account Manager

Our Team


Nick Timothy

Account Manager


Johannes Hirvonen

Account Manager


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