Why Do We Exist?

Hiring the best talent is more important than ever before. Our mission is to make digital recruiting as easy and effective as hiring a headhunter. We are here to help our customers hire the best possible talent using a modern digital solution.

Why do we exist?

Our Story

How Was Our Solution Created?

Jobilla was founded by serial entrepreneurs. Starting with the very first business we established, finding good employees was always one of the biggest challenges. Whether we were trying to hire developers, sales managers, or customer service staff, recruitment was never as easy as it should have been. We either did not get good applicants at all or we got a huge number of unqualified applicants and spent days trying to find the few ones fitting our criteria. We tried every solution we could find, but none of them offered the kind of results we were looking for. Jobilla was established to solve that problem.

Original Idea

Jobilla's original idea was to build the best job media available at the time in Finland. We thought this was the right solution to connect companies with the local available talent.


We soon realized the majority of the best talent was already employed and not looking for a job. Instead, most of the applications were coming from active job seekers who did not necessarily fit our criteria.


We realized that there was a much bigger problem than just a need for another job media in the market. The market was lacking the right tools for recruiting the best talent, especially the ones who are not actively looking for a job.


Jobilla Today

Who Are We?

We've created a unique solution: A recruitment software that is designed from the candidates' point of view, to create an optimal experience for them when applying for a job or otherwise getting to know you as an employer. Of course you, as a recruiter, are equally as important and we've done our best to design all the processes to run as smoothly as possible so that you save time and money when everything just works right! We believe that a modern recruitment tool should be a basic right for all recruiters. Therefore, we offer our software free of charge! If you are struggling to find candidates, our team also assists you with modern recruitment marketing services to help you solve your problems. We currently work in Scandinavia, Central Europe, the Baltic states, and the USA.

Targeted Marketing

Reach the Best Candidates

Your best candidates are probably already employed and not actively looking for a job. With modern channels like Facebook and Instagram, you can reach your target group whether they are active in the job market or not. Our tool helps you reach your best target group by using targeted marketing.

Landing Page

Give Them Interesting Content

It is important to make your potential employees interested in you as an employer. For the best results, we take candidates to a page where there's no competitive ads or other distracting content. The landing page is optimized to get the potential employee to contact you. We help you create the ideal page for getting your potential candidates excited about your company!
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Suitability Test for the Job

Make It Easy to Connect

For best results, you have to make opening the connection as easy as possible. We create an easy test that candidates can complete in minutes, even on a cell phone. We don't ask for any irrelevant information. Instead we focus on the essential information that matters. You will be amazed at how many more applications you'll receive with this approach.

Automated Categorization

Hire the Best Candidate

When you lower the barrier of opening the connection with you, you'll get more of all sorts of candidates. You will often be approached by the kind of quality candidates you have just dreamed of getting, but also the ones that don't fit your criteria for the position. For this reason, it is important that you can focus your time on the best potential candidates. Our software automatically categorizes the candidates based on how well they fit the criteria you are looking for. Save money, time, and effort by using our technology to select the best candidate.


We Take Care of the Organizational Stuff!



Invite whomever you want and let them access just the data they need.


Jobilla takes security and GDPR seriously. We keep your data secure, so you never have to worry.


We offer our software and customer support in English, German, Finnish, and Latvian.