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Jobilla's complete recruitment solution makes it easy and fast to find and hire employees for any position.

Manage & hire

Candidate Management

Are You Tired of Wasting Time with the Wrong Candidates?

Many candidates don't get any response to their application and recruitment process. Going through applicants and messaging with them is a slow and manual process. Most of the time in the process is spent on candidates that are not suitable for the position. What if candidates would automatically be notified if they fit your criteria and if keeping them informed throughout the process would be easy and mostly automated?

Automated Communication & Bulk Actions

Keep Candidates Informed

Candidates are automatically informed about how well they fit the criteria that you're looking for. You can also send personalized emails throughout the process to the candidates in your pipeline. You can move several candidates at once to the next stage of the process and send them personalized emails using customizable premade templates. Picking the right candidate and communicating with all applicants in the process has never been as easy and convenient.
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Automatic Qualification & Notes

Concentrate on the Best Candidates

What if you could automatically know which potential candidates are the best for you? Our tool automatically categorizes the candidates based on attributes that you personally select. If your position requires certain education, for example, you can sort out all the applicants who do not have that degree. You can also personally comment and tag the candidates, so that your whole team can follow the process of selecting the best match for your position.

Customize Candidate Pipeline

Manage the Candidates the Way You Like

Create a customized easy-to-use process for your recruitment. You can easily drag and drop candidates from one stage to another and continuously keep the whole team on track with how far you are in the process of selecting the best matching candidate for your organization.

Talent Pool

Hire from Your Past Candidates

Find candidates from the people that have applied to your company in the past! Talent pool collects all the people that have previously applied to your organization. Start your recruitment by going through your talent pool first and you might not need to advertise the job at all.


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