Digital Headhunting

Your best candidates might be interested in your job, but most of them are not actively looking for a new job.

How does it work?

Digital Headhunting

Need more candidates?

Your best candidates might be interested in your job, but most of them are not actively looking for a new job. They are often almost impossible to reach without headhunting. The problem with traditional headhunting is that it's a time consuming and manual process and therefore too expensive. Digital Headhunting is a service that gets you the results of traditional headhunting easily and effectively, and combines all the best practices that you need to succeed in modern recruiting.

Targeted Marketing

Reach the best candidates

Your best candidates are probably already employed and not actively looking for a job. With modern channels like Facebook and Instagram, you can reach your target group whether they are active in the job market or not. Our tool helps you reach your best target group by using targeted marketing

Landing Page

Give them interesting content

It is important to make your potential employees interested in you as an employer. For the best results, we take candidates to a page where there's no competitive ads or other distracting content. The landing page is optimized to get the potential employee to get in touch with you. We help you create the optimal page for getting your potential candidates excited!
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Suitability Test for The Job

Make it easy to connect

For best results, you have to make opening the connection as easy as possible. We create an easy test that candidates fill even with a mobile phone in minutes. We don't require any irrelevant information. Instead we focus on the essential information that matters. You will be amazed how much more candidates you'll receive with this approach.

Automated Categorization

Hire the best candidate

When you lower the barrier of opening the connection with you, you'll get more of all sorts of candidates. You often get the kind of quality candidates you were just dreaming of getting, but also the ones that don't fit your criteria for the position. Because of that, it is important that you can focus your time on the most potential candidates. Our software automatically categorizes the candidates based on how well they fit the criteria you are looking for. Save money, time, and nerves by using our technology to select the best candidate.

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Invite whoever you want, and let them access just the data they need.


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Multilingual Support

We offer our software and customer support in English, German, Finnish and Latvian.