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Reach candidates


Do you miss most of your target group?

Your best candidates might not be looking for a job just now. Whether they are passively or actively looking for a job, we help you find the best talent in the market by using both traditional job advertisements and modern digital marketing methods.When you have reached the right candidates, you have to get them interested in your company and the job opportunities you have before you can expect them to apply for a job or otherwise open a connection with you. We help you create compelling sites to get your candidates excited!

A Job list on your website

Reach Interested Candidates

If your target group is already interested in your company and visits your webpage, you can get the best candidates for free by just telling them you have a position open for them. With our tool, your jobs are automatically up to date on your website and great talent can easily apply to your positions.

Job portal integrations

Reach active job seekers

If your target group is actively looking for a job, portals might be the most cost-effective way to reach them. Choose the right media and get your message out to active job seekers.
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Social Media & Google

Reach passive candidates

Your candidates use the Internet daily. With modern channels like Google and Facebook, you can reach candidates who aren't looking for a job, but are open to new opportunities. Jobilla helps you reach the best talent using targeted marketing. Best of all, you don't have to be experienced in this area. Our marketing professionals help you succeed!

Career site & job ads

Get candidates excited

All recruitment marketing and employer branding should be done in a way that differentiates you from your competitors. The key here is to take the candidates to an exciting place where you have their full attention. It is important that your career site and job ads have a software behind it where you can continuously analyze what is really working and what isn't. We will help you create a site that will help your target group see why your company is an exciting place to work!

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