Our recruitment services help you reach, attract and activate your target groups. Get candidates to your recruitments and successfully recruit the potential you are looking for.




Our services attract more candidates to your recruitments and improve your company's employer branding.

Digital Headhunting

Digital headhunting helps you get more candidates for your immediate recruiting needs. The service is priced per campaign. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Employer Branding

Employer branding services such as career sites and career videos help you create lasting assets to attract better candidates. The pricing is based on your needs. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Reach Candidates

Additional Service
Job Ads
Create and publish job ads
Job Lists
List your job ads on a webpage
Job Boards
Post your job ads on job boards
Branded Career Site
Create a fully branded career site
Additional service
Facebook & Instagram Integrations
Show your job ads on social media
Additional service

Get Applications

Additional Service
Modern Application Forms
Make it easy to apply for your jobs
Candidate Questionnaires
Create questions that help you choose the right candidate
Recruitment Bot
Start conversations with candidates online
Additional service

Manage & Hire

Additional Service
Automatic Qualification
Automatically qualify candidates based on their answers
Customizable Candidate Pipeline
Customize your pipeline to match your process
Comment on Candidates
Discuss and comment on candidates
Talent Pool
Save your candidates for later use
Bulk Edit
Edit several candidates at the same time
Email Templates & Bulk send
Send personalized emails to your candidates in bulk

Measure Results

Additional Service
Real-Time Analytics & Reporting
Get all the necessary data of your recruitments

General Features

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Custom Roles & Permissions
Customize user roles to fit your organization
Secure software with SSL encryption
Invite your team to work with you
GDPR Compliance
Everything is designed to be GDPR-compliant
Language Selector
Use the software in your language