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Candidate-Driven Recruitment Instead of Expensive Personnel Recruitment

Although HR fulfills an essential role, in general they are given a tight budget to work with. HR managers are confronted with the fact that on one hand recruiting must be as cost effective as possible and on the other, today's personnel market makes successful recruitment a lengthy process.


It costs 4,700 USD on average (and often even three to four times the position’s salary) to fill a vacancy. In general, many industries, including construction and healthcare, are struggling to find qualified people.

HR managers know how difficult it is to reconcile budgetary requirements with target-oriented recruitment. Taking into account how much it costs the company if positions are not filled on time, and how much time and money is wasted on filling a single job, it makes sense to question the strategy used thus far.

Can Recruitment Also be Inexpensive?

Campaigns that combine modern recruitment software with service where recruiters are coached throughout, reduce both time and costs required to fill a position. The question if recruitment can be inexpensive can thus be answered positively, while at the same time recruiters become more self-effective in the current and future personal market.

H3 Digital Headhunting Versus Headhunter

While the classic, external headhunting service represents the most expensive variant of recruitment, the contemporary form of digital headhunting offers a cost-effective alternative.

Digital headhunting has several advantages over the external Headhunter, as well as conventional recruitment:

  • Cost efficiency: It costs less than on average per campaign.
  • Time efficiency: Positions can be filled within a few weeks.
  • It offers a practical overview and easy communication in the process.
  • It offers helpful automation, while the recruiter’s autonomy is maintained.
  • Passive candidates are reached as well. 
  • It replaces tedious document handling with a conversation-based decision.
  • Results are analyzed and used as a basis for optimization. 


If you would like to learn more about candidate-driven digital headhunting, please contact us - we will be happy to discuss your options for successful recruitment.


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April 22, 2022
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