The traditional recruiting process is a bottleneck for any company, inadvertently preventing you from finding qualified employees. Today's labor market requires a change as there is an increasing shortage of skilled candidates. Searching for a job should be easy when using your mobile phone. In the modern world, people are not willing to tolerate a lengthy recruitment process.

Using a phone while trying to apply for a job is nearly impossible while going through the traditional process. Digital Headhunting is the solution for the modern age.


Better Results And More Candidates

Digital Headhunting uses technology to identify suitable candidates. A digitalized candidate screening and a properly targeted process can bring more suitable candidates with ready know-how for your company.

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In the human resources and recruitment sector, technology is not used effectively enough. Most software does not meet modern recruitment needs. There is often a perception that using digital tools in recruitment is difficult and even burdensome. However, Digital Headhunting saves the recruiter time and acts as a hands-free tool to streamline recruitment.

Digital Headhunting eases the tedious process of going through applications. Digital headhunting saves valuable time and eases the process of sifting through resumes. Recruiters have the opportunity to get to know the candidates and their skill sets. Increased time gives recruiters the opportunity to map the skills of candidates more carefully and makes it more likely that the recruitment process will be successful.


Attract Candidates With a Mobile-Friendly Recruitment Process

By modernizing the recruitment process to make it attractive and easy for all parties involved, you can access a larger pool of candidates. Digital Headhunting allows for information regarding a vacancy to be accurately targeted to be able to reach the right professionals. The technology provides analytics, and the data collected is used to achieve optimal results in the recruitment field.

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The key to the modern recruitment process is social media and mobile search. People are using computers less and relying more on their mobile phones. Currently, most recruitment processes require log-ins and documents that are not easily accessible on mobile devices. Few people have updated resumes on their phones. They do not have the time nor the patience to fill out a job application using their mobile phone.

A mobile-friendly recruitment process allows for more effective marketing on social media, in turn reaching a wider audience. It also makes your list of jobs more attractive and makes you stand out from the competition.


Getting Started With Better Tools

Achieving significantly better results in recruitment requires one to revolutionize the traditional process. Jobilla offers digital headhunting software and services to help jumpstart digital recruitment in your organization. With our digital headhunting services, you can find more qualified candidates that fit your needs.

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