Rafal Jedrzejewski, the CEO of Executive & Friends is an experienced expert in the field of Human Resources, particularly Executive Search and Assessment services. He has been in the business for over 20 years and he and his team of six are finding Candidates for their Clients via direct search. They focus on difficult and very difficult recruitment assignments across Central and Eastern Europe (most often in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia and Ukraine). Experts finding experts, some would say. Together with his team Rafal brings expertise in recruitment, headhunting and finding talents. The company is Polish, but they work mainly for international Clients.

Their method requires an in-depth analysis not only of their Clients’ specific needs but also an analysis of the market as a whole: they take into account the current state and also the history of the industry. Seeing the whole picture of the market and understanding the dynamics of business helps to identify just the right managers, talents as Candidates.

How to find ”impossible” Candidates?

In this rapid and fast-changing world it is essential to keep up with current trends. Rafal and Executive & Friends want to be leaders of the field  and they are continually searching for new, innovative ways to assist their Clients more and more effectively. 

Technology and digitalization have changed a lot the ways how headhunting and recruiting are done nowadays. One of the biggest changes is  how communication is done. Just a while ago calling and mailing, the traditional way was effective, now it is more common to reach Candidates online. Social media is becoming a high potential place to search for the right talents. But how to successfully find those people?

Jobilla and Digital Headhunting are providing a solution to this problem.

Rafal first became interested in Digital Headhunting because he saw it as a fresh and innovative approach to do talent searching. Digital Headhunting offers their Clients a solution in a situation where posting a job advertisement or browsing a CV from the database is just not enough. Results are not good enough, processes are slow and Clients’ recruiters are frustrated by low efficiency of their work.

The best Candidates may consider a new job but most of them are already employed and not actively looking for new challenges. Even if they decide to search for a job, applying is usually hard and slow since traditional application procedures take way too much time, forms to fill in and requests for a lot of unnecessary information. These most interesting Candidates are often almost impossible to find and reach without headhunting. 

Digital Headhunting makes it easy to search for those passive Candidates by using modern channels like Facebook and Instagram. “Jobilla’s tools are supporting what we are already doing, but at completely different scale and speed”, Rafal tells. Digital Headhunting is a good element of what they offer to their Clients and also makes their processes more up to date. 

And of course considering the current Covid-19 situation, Digital Headhunting is also a better-tailored solution than the classical way of doing recruitment. It also makes it easier to do recruitment outside Poland, what is a large part of Executive & Friends business.

Combining innovative technology with people

So, what the future will bring?

Rafal predicts that technology will be taking more and more phases of the processes, searching, engaging and matching – like Digital Headhunting does. However, building relationships and trust can not be fully replaced by technology and has to be handled by people. “So we will always need people to make the last decision, but also a difference. Trust and relationships are very important”, Rafal says. 

Still there is one thing that even the best tools can not do. At the end of the day digital tools can not replace the human interaction. It does not matter how brilliant software you create or how good pattern of questions you make to find out all the details about your Candidate, you always need to talk and meet the Candidate in person or at least remotely..

The first experience with Jobilla Digital Headhunting in Poland and CEE

Rafal admits that the first period of working with Jobilla, as part of Executive & Friends offering, is very promising. Clients and prospects are intrigued by the new approach, new toolset and associated new opportunities. Most of them still us job portals, LinkedIn platform or other similar and sometimes hire external recruiters. Seeing the solution developed in Finland they start to see that we are talking about the future of the recruitment market. Who changes their thinking, employer-driven to Candidate driven approach and processes, will get a significant competitive advantage. “Our team is truly happy to take part in reshaping the recruitment world in Poland and CEE, thanks to great partnership with Jobilla”.

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