Imagine walking into a stuffy, cramped office space, where the air is thick with dust and chemical fumes. Your eyes start to water, your head starts to ache, and you can barely focus on your work. Now, imagine walking into a bright, open office space, where the air is fresh and clean, and lush plants are everywhere. You feel energized, alert, and ready to tackle whatever tasks come your way.

The air quality in our workplaces can have a huge impact on our productivity and wellbeing. Research has shown that when we're breathing in fresh, clean air, we're more focused, more creative, and more productive. But when the air is filled with pollutants and irritants, our health and cognitive function suffer.

One of the best ways to improve the air quality in the workplace is by bringing in some greenery. Plants are natural air purifiers, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Not only that, but they also help to filter out pollutants like dust and chemical fumes. In fact, studies have shown that having plants in the workplace can reduce levels of carbon dioxide by up to 25%, and reduce levels of certain pollutants by up to 60%.

But it's not just about the plants themselves. Having greenery in the office can also help to improve our mood and reduce stress. The colors and textures of plants can be soothing, and simply being around nature has been shown to improve our overall wellbeing.

Jobilla’s commitment to caring for the wellbeing of its employees and unlocking their full potential is a top priority and part of the company’s core values. To provide the best work environment to achieve positive, long-term results for the company and its employees, it is crucial that the air they breathe is as clean and pure as possible, and that's where Naava's smart green walls come in. 

In a recent visit to Jobilla Germany's Berlin office, Naava's Vice President Jukka Olkkonen met with Jobilla Germany's COO Pekka Nebelung to discuss the partnership between the two companies and the importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace.


What is Naava and how does it work? 

Naava is the global market leader in living green walls & biologically air-purifying design furniture. Naava combines the best air purifiers, humidifiers, and plant walls into one innovative product. It has created a solution that enhances the connection between nature and human-friendly environments indoors.

In essence, Naava tries to bring nature and natural air back to those areas where most of us spend 90% of our time, which is indoors, usually in offices

“Throughout our evolutionary process, humans have developed outside. So, in terms of evolution, we've been confined to four walls without much access to nature. That's obviously not good. In essence, Naava tries to bring nature and natural air back to those areas where most of us spend 90% of our time, which is indoors, usually in offices”, explains Naava VP Jukka Olkkonen.

Naava purifies the air around you by using natural methods and technology. Through the plants, which grow without soil, the air is absorbed by the walls and then recycled back into the room through fans in the back of the purifier.

The plants live in their own individual pots that are easy to change, soil-free, and allergy-friendly. There is no plumbing connection to the walls, which makes installation and relocation easy. The water tank needs to be filled weekly, and Naava's tech takes care of the daily watering. 

The roots capture and remove chemicals, toxins, and pollutants from the air. Smart technology monitors and manages the system, ensuring it performs as intended. You can connect, monitor, and control your Naava with the Naava app.

The green walls are equipped with LED lights of 2000 lux in natural white (5700K) which beautifully illuminate the Naava while revitalizing the plants and you.

In Finnish, Naava refers to a special kind of lichen. Naava’s green walls are named after a unique lichen that thrives in the northern parts of the world where the air is pure and unspoiled, sometimes also referred to as "beard moss" or "old man's beard". If you are hiking, skiing, or biking, in a forest with lichens, you can rest assured that the environment is thriving.

Jobilla and Naava, the beginning of a partnership

Jobilla and Naava started working together five years ago after Jobilla's previous office in Helsinki, Finland, had less than satisfactory air quality in one of its conference rooms. The renovation of the conference room was not designed to have proper air ventilation, which made working conditions unbearable.

“Previously, we worked in an office where many spaces were built afterward, resulting in poor ventilation in some parts. As a result, we began looking for solutions to the problem. We tried the Naava concept, tested it, and it worked. The indoor air quality in our office improved significantly, allowing us to spend longer times in our office spaces without experiencing negative health effects." - Jobilla CGO Tommi Siro.

“Naava was shown to Jobilla and our solution, a smart green wall was installed in this conference room, and suddenly what used to be a space where you could spend a maximum of half an hour became a space where you could easily be in for hours and that’s basically how our business relationship began. Now there are Naava walls in Jobilla’s offices around the world.” -Jukka Olkkonen.

Jobilla Germany and Naava

As part of its expansion into the German market, Jobilla moved into its new offices in Berlin in January 2022. The offices are located in a renovated brewery that was built in 1899.

The Berlin office is equipped with five Naava smart green walls. Each wall is strategically placed in common areas where everyone can experience nature from all angles.

I knew we needed Naava here in Berlin as well. The difference I noticed back then in Finland, was just massive. A conference room with a Naava is much more comfortable for many hours than a conference room without a Naava

“For us at Jobilla, sustainability has always been a very important issue. We want to ensure that our employees feel good at work, and in their everyday lives. And all of this, of course, as sustainably as possible. That's why we also use Naava here in Berlin. Naava is a very special wall that ensures that the air our employees breathe in is clean, and healthy. We have been here in Berlin since 2019 and have grown gradually since 2021. When we rented the first office, I knew we needed Naava here in Berlin as well. The difference I noticed back then in Finland, was just massive. A conference room with a Naava is much more comfortable for many hours than a conference room without a Naava. That's why we now have five walls here in Friedrichshain, and more have been ordered”. -Pekka Nebelung COO Jobilla Germany.

“The fact that they are close to people's workplaces makes me very happy. I can see your sales team members on the phone next to the Naavas. They are very close to the impact you get when the air is the purest, freshest, and at its optimum humidity. What a pleasure to see them used in the right way”. -Jukka Olkkonen.


Jobilla Germany COO Pekka Nebelung and Naava VP Jukka Olkkonen

Bringing nature indoors with innovations such as Naava green walls is a way to improve health. There are various benefits to working or living in an environment with one or more Naavas. First, there will be a noticeable difference in the quality of the indoor air. The second benefit of indoor elements is that they have been found to calm humans, make them happier, and increase their creativity. Third, combining all these factors will boost productivity while reducing and preventing illnesses.

Having a partner like Naava demonstrates Jobilla's commitment to its core values and success in improving the health of its employees while maintaining harmony with nature in the workplace.

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