Has your organization considered introducing a new digital recruitment process? Has there been a discussion about updating the current recruitment process? Introducing new technology can seem like a laborious and difficult undertaking that may even result in resistance within the work community. Unless it is certain that new practices will catch on, companies may be reluctant to invest in a variety of software and tools.

Miika Savela, Product Owner at Jobilla, wants to challenge the perception that recruitment software and digital services are inconvenient:

"The primary objective of technology is specifically to support the recruiter and to create opportunities for streamlining the recruitment process. Having a digital recruitment system will enable companies to modernize recruitment by saving time and increasing transparency."

The right recruiting software can assist you in managing your candidate-driven recruitment process

As candidates compete with employers in the current labor market, employer-driven recruitment may no longer produce the desired results. Employers need to be able to deliver sufficient information to job seekers about the benefits they offer and the vacancy, as well as be able to communicate effectively with the candidates by phone and email, in order to hire the right professionals.

"What differentiates Jobilla's digital recruitment system and services is our focus on candidate-driven recruitment. Our system has been designed from the ground up to be candidate-driven," says Savela.

Miika Savela

As a result of Jobilla's digital recruitment system and services, employers are able to reach out to more skilled candidates and increase the number of candidates simultaneously. Additionally, the system allows tracking the progress of the recruitment process and identifying and correcting recruitment bottlenecks based on data. With personalized and effortless campaigns, applying is easy, and it's simple for a candidate to apply for just that job without open fields or unnecessary attachments.

"The use of general application forms and open-ended questions on recruitment platforms means that candidates often have to answer questions they don't need to answer and can therefore skip the application process right up front. The process wastes time for all parties and fails to provide candidates with the information they need about the job,” says Savela

Savela emphasizes that a good recruitment system should facilitate efficient, transparent communication so that all parties involved in the recruitment process are kept up to date:

"Communication is the essence of recruitment. That is why we strive to make our software easy to use for communicating with candidates and supporting candidate-driven processes."

Providing a secure solution that promotes equality

A big challenge in recruiting today is managing and administering recruitment in an old-fashioned, complex way, which can even pose security risks. Savela contends that handling personal information through e-mail, for example, presents challenges to HR professionals.

“Aside from being a data-safe option, a digital recruitment system can streamline recruitment and assist the recruiter in identifying competencies more easily without requiring additional paperwork. Almost all of the recruitment process can be automated, resulting in fewer human errors. There is no longer a need to search long email chains or file caches for information”, says Savela

Changing the recruitment process to be digital might seem like an odd idea for a role that relies on interaction with people. It is not necessary that this is the case, but a functioning system will allow for more equal treatment of candidates:

As a result of Jobilla's digital recruitment system and services, employers are able to reach out to more skilled candidates and increase the number of candidates simultaneously.

“With our system, we help reduce discrimination, and we make knowledgeable decisions by putting candidates on the same page and identifying their competencies, ”says Savela.


Does technology scare you?

According to Savela, the primary fear of implementing a new recruitment system is being left on your own and having to learn it from scratch.

"Not for us, we want to make the recruitment process as pleasant as possible. This is reflected in our excellent ranking on the international G2 review page, where our clients chose us as one of the best recruitment software providers."

From the very beginning, Jobilla provides a comprehensive training and support system. It is the customer experience that drives the system's product development:

"Our focus is always on the customer and we strive to provide a simple and user-friendly service. We constantly welcome feedback about customer successes and development suggestions. In addition, it's our pleasure to test new ideas with our customers," says Savela.

Savela would like to remind you that Jobilla is a recruitment partner that aims to assist the client in its transition to a more candidate-driven recruitment process:

“We are sincerely committed to helping our customers succeed. Our absolute priority is that with our services, we will be able to help our clients find quality candidates more easily, that they will have successful search experiences, and that we will be able to save time from the otherwise hectic daily lives of recruiting managers."

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