The greatest challenge for recruitment and talent acquisition professionals is finding the right talent. Due to a lack of innovation in some areas and a lack of integration with other tools in the talent acquisition value chain, the HR tech industry has failed recruitment and talent acquisition leaders. Enter Jobilla, the most effective and humane way to match businesses and people.

"With Jobilla's growth, we encountered many recruitment challenges, which led us to realize traditional recruitment is broken. Many companies are trying to solve the recruitment crisis, with very poor results. This problem inspired us to create the most effective tool for finding the right talent", says Jobilla CEO Henri Nordström. 

Recruiting Can Be Easy

Jobilla is revolutionizing the hiring experience and creating a new candidate-driven process that is effortless and time efficient by using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and behavioral sciences. Jobilla's complete recruitment solution makes it easy and fast to find and hire employees for any position.

With Jobilla's growth, we encountered many recruitment challenges, which led us to realize traditional recruitment is broken.

Traditional Recruitment Is Broken

The best candidates are already employed and are not actively searching for work on job boards, so job ads don't reach them. There's nothing exciting about ads. They're generic, tedious, and boring. Long job descriptions do not attract great candidates! On job boards, your ads appear alongside those of your competitors. As a result, you lose candidates to your competitor.

Applying Is Too Complicated

The application process is too complicated from a candidate's perspective. Traditional job applications require too much time. When you use your cell phone to fill out applications, completing them becomes almost impossible. During the recruitment process, application forms are often full of obstacles, as are questions requesting irrelevant information. There is also the fear of rejection. The psychological process of submitting a job application can be challenging. As a result, candidates are vulnerable to rejection and there is a psychological barrier to applying.

Recruitment Process Is Slow

Another problem with traditional recruitment is the lack of time. The process of manually reviewing each application will take a lot of time if you end up with many candidates. Candidates also feel abandoned in the application process. A job application that goes unanswered can be very frustrating. Ultimately, this can ruin your employer's brand and make future applicants less likely to apply.

Recruiting Becomes Easy With Jobilla

What makes recruiting easy with Jobilla? Our targeted marketing campaigns are tailored to meet your specific needs. Engage with the best candidates, regardless of whether they are actively seeking a job. As a result, we match you with the most qualified candidates and make it easier for you to find the right candidates for your job openings. With Jobilla, you can hire and manage candidates, focusing on those who meet your criteria.

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