Generally, companies put hiring new employees on hold during the summer months; however, retail is a different story. As a major industry in the world, retail is forever hiring and is impacted by both internal and external trends.

Stockmann is known as Northern Europe's largest department store, established in 1862 in Helsinki, Finland. There are currently 8 Stockmann stores across Estonia, Finland, and Latvia.

Stockmann offers a variety of premium quality products such as home goods, beauty, fashion, and food. Stockmann Delikatess has been praised as one of the best in Riga.

Creating a lasting employee experience is the hallmark of Stockmann's inspiring work culture. At Stockmann, our employees learn that customer satisfaction is our most important value.

We inspire our employees to be courageous and perform at their best through our positive team spirit, says Human Resources Assistant Elizabete Silkalne

A different solution for an ongoing challenge

The biggest recruiting challenge in our Stockmann Delikatess department is finding salespeople with retail knowledge and experience.

We had several job openings over the summer, which impacted our recruiting process. No one is looking for a new job during the summer holidays. As a result of not receiving enough candidates through our own recruitment system, we decided to try something different.

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Recruiting with Jobilla is very 21st-century

Once we began using Jobilla everything went by very quickly. Seeing how the questionnaires were designed was a first for me. Aside from experience and skills, the questionnaire also had some very light-hearted questions, making the position more attractive.

The way the algorithm works, and you see the campaigns on people’s social media feeds, is a very 21st-century move in recruiting, says Ms. Silkalne.

How the dashboard is designed was also extremely easy to use. You can see the talent funnel and how it is set up allows you to keep track of your candidates. You see who matches your needs, who you need to call, where you have left messages, who is coming for a meeting, and so on. I found that very time efficient.

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Result-driven summer campaigns

We began our campaigns with Jobilla in June and ran a second campaign in August. The first campaign was very successful. We hired two candidates. The second campaign brought a higher pool of candidates. We were able to schedule meetings and meet candidates very quickly. We had a lot of candidates to choose from, which was very refreshing.

A great recruiting tool


As the campaigns ran, and we began contacting candidates, we noticed that the campaign attracted passive candidates. The campaign reached candidates who were not looking for a job but were curious as to what Stockmann had to offer. 

We were able to reach candidates who found the questionnaire easy to fill out instead of updating and uploading their CVs to a job board. I would call them the next day and tell them about the company, and they were excited about the fast turnaround.

A fun fact was getting a candidate who works in HR who wasn’t looking for a job but was intrigued by this. They found Jobilla to be a great recruiting tool.

As autumn, winter, and the holidays approach, a new recruiting cycle begins

When asked if Stockmann Riga would use Jobilla again, Ms. Silkalne said yes. Now that the cold season is starting, employees tend to get sick and with the holidays fast approaching we will need more salespeople, especially in our food department.

We look forward to supporting Stockmann Riga’s continued success in providing great customer service.


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