Canada's Tim Hortons chain was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. With its focus on quality, fresh products, value, excellent service, and community leadership, it has grown into one of Canada's largest quick-service restaurants specializing in fresh coffee, baked goods, and home-style lunches.

With more than 4000 Tim Hortons locations across Canada, demand is high and fast.

In order to meet these demands, Tim Hortons Distribution operates five distribution centers and three manufacturing plants in Canada. The Tim Hortons Distribution Center in Guelph services 1600 restaurants in southwestern Ontario.

Recruiting challenges for continental night shifts

To fulfill a 1600 network of restaurants, Tim Hortons Distribution Center in Guelph was struggling to recruit order selector roles for their continental night shift. Order selectors are responsible for fulfilling the orders that go to the restaurants, they're physically picking the products and placing them on a pallet.

“Finding people willing and capable of working that shift, which is also physically demanding, was a challenge,” says Christine Lunn, People Business Partner, Supply Chain for Tim Hortons Distribution.

Differentiating the Tim Hortons Restaurant brand from Tim Hortons Distribution

When Canadians think of the brand Tim Hortons, they think of coffee houses and restaurants, not a distribution center. This was another challenge Tim Hortons Distribution was facing, differentiating itself from the restaurants.

Tim Hortons Distribution is an entity on its own. The distribution center in Guelph was keen to share with potential candidates their presence in the area and their widespread network, which supports the fulfillment of Tim Hortons restaurants in southwestern Ontario.

A doctor’s recommendation led to Jobilla

During a doctor’s appointment, Ms. Lunn was chatting with her doctor and mentioned Tim Horton’s recruiting challenges. Ms. Lunn’s doctor is part of a small business group, and he mentioned that one of his colleagues from the small business group happened to work with Jobillla.

Based on the recommendation, Ms. Lunn was connected to Jobilla Canada Partner Krista Wright.

Jobilla was completely new to us, a new concept that we were intrigued by, and we decided to give it a shot

An innovative concept that delivered results

Tim Hortons Distribution ran a campaign for order selector positions in their Guelph location.

The campaign began in the summer, and it was a pleasant surprise to see that we were successful with it. One of our biggest goals was just creating awareness about Tim Hortons Distribution, the campaign had over 50,000 views and to us, that's a great success.

As a result of Jobilla's campaigns, many people watched the video and two weeks after their campaign ended, Tim Hortons Distribution Center in Guelph received 271 applications and hired four employees.

Our experience with the Jobilla campaign shows that we really like the soft touch, with the short video, and the ability to click on to learn more about the position


A returning customer

A Jobilla campaign will run for the same position at the Guelph Distribution Center in the fall.

"Our experience with the Jobilla campaign shows that we really like the soft touch, with the short video, and the ability to click on to learn more about the position. So we'd definitely run another campaign in the future," says Ms. Lunn.

Jobilla looks forward to creating campaigns that will broaden Tim Hortons Distribution exposure to attract the best candidates.

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