As the world has changed, so has the recruitment process. Fortunately, as a recruiter, you can turn the situation to your advantage. All you need is to be curious and open to new ideas and opportunities.

Don't Take Things for Granted

Today, relying on a recruitment system that has been in place for years can be a costly mistake. A traditional recruitment process typically looks about like this:

  • On receipt of applications, an automated message: thank you for your application
  • Automatic email to shortlisted applicants with possible requests for further information
  • Invitations sent by email to those invited to interview
  • Interview rounds and selection of the right candidate
  • This type of recruitment process typically takes 1-3 months. A major reason for the slowness of the process is also that picking the right candidate from the wrong one based on the CV is a laborious and slow process


Studies Show That the Best Candidates Change Jobs in Less Than Ten Days

People today are used to things happening at many times the speed they did even ten years ago. If you want to recruit the best talent from the market, the process needs to be fast and focused. 

The recruitment process still in use today, stuck in the past, is designed for the active candidates who are specifically interested in the job of the recruiting company. In reality, the situation with the best candidates is usually quite the opposite. They have lots of options and need to be sold on why your company is the right place for them.

A Modern Recruitment Process Should Be Like This:

  • Both the candidate and the recruiter are automatically informed how a potential candidate would perform in the job and vice versa
  • The best candidates are called within a couple of days and both sides make sure that there is potential for future collaboration
  • A longer introductory meeting is arranged, where both parties go into further detail to establish that this option is the best fit for them
  • The right candidate is selected if they too have identified the company and the position as the best option for them
  • In today's market, there is no longer a candidate and an all-powerful company that can only choose the best people for itself. Modern recruitment is like dating, where both parties in the process need to impress the other to move the process forward


Recruitment should not be thought of as a single campaign, but as a continuous process that is constantly being developed in order to attract the best possible talent to the company.

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