Terms of Service (Software Customer)

Purpose of this Document

The purpose of Jobilla’s Terms and Conditions is to lay down the foundational legal boundaries within which Jobilla is providing services to both companies and individuals, and within which Jobilla’s services are allowed to be utilized.

All users of Jobilla’s services of any sort are required to read through this document, and to agree these terms in order to continue or to begin utilizing Jobilla’s services.

This version of the terms has been updated 9th of April 2019, and will be applicable immediately since then.

Jobilla reserves the right, at any time, to update and change any or all of these Terms and Conditions.

All users of our Services will be notified via email regarding possible changes to this document’s content.

Scope of the Terms and Conditions

These Terms of the Service (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") apply to all services (hereinafter referred to as "the Services") provided by Jobilla Oy (hereinafter referred to as “Jobilla”).

Access to the Service and its Limitations

Jobilla will grant Customer access to the Service under these Terms. You may not use the Services in violation of these Terms. You have no right to sell or otherwise transfer access to the Services for any third party. The assignment of a service does not include the transfer of ownership or other intellectual property rights.

Provisioning of Service

Jobilla acts as a software system provider & service provider for our customer companies.

Jobilla does not have any responsibility for flaws or other possible errors in the content published on out platform by our users, but strives to only publish content from trusted and well-informed individuals.

Jobilla is entitled to provide the Service in the manner it deems appropriate and to use subcontractors and the content produced by its affiliates in the production of the Services, and to make any changes affecting the Services’ technologies, content and use. Jobilla will not be responsible for the costs such changes might incur to the Customer.

Jobilla is responsible for having the right to provide the Services referred to in these Terms. Jobilla does not warrant that the Service is available uninterrupted but will endeavour to ensure that the telecommunication capacity is sufficient and, as appropriate, mitigate the consequences of potential telecommunications disruptions. Jobilla, however is not responsible for any interruption or other breaks or consequences that may occur.

Intellectual Property Rights

All rights to the software and other intellectual property rights involved in the implementation of the Service belong to Jobilla or to third parties. In addition to these limited user rights, these Terms do not grant any other rights to the customers regarding the Services or any other related intellectual properties.

Jobilla is responsible for ensuring that the Service does not infringe existing intellectual property rights in Finland at the time of the agreement. Jobilla shall not be liable to you for any breach of third party intellectual property rights arising out of the use of the Service for any purpose for which it has not been designed or approved for, or if the Service is used in violation of Jobilla’s instructions or in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Customers' Obligations and Responsibilities

Customer Data All rights of the materials entered and maintained by the Customer in and to the Service remain with the Customer. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy and legality of their material, as well as the fact that the material does not contain computer viruses or other malicious software or malicious code that may cause damage to Jobilla or its other users. You ensure that you have the necessary rights and consent to use data you’re inserting into Jobilla’s system, other material and / or personal information provided by you.

Legality of the operations

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the use and utilization of the Service, including the sending of messages, is legitimate and that it is not misleading or infringing on any good or third party, intellectual or other rights. The Customer undertakes to comply with the current legislation on processing and publishing of personal data, direct electronic marketing and customer marketing, and any instructions specifically provided by Jobilla in its operations, including our Privacy Policy, Data Protection Policy and this Terms and Conditions document.

Jobilla’s material

The service may include copyrighted material such as templates or images by Jobilla and / or Jobilla’s affiliates. The Customer may not use them other than in connection with the Services provided by Jobilla.

Customer's Rights

Duty of secrecy Jobilla commits on keeping all confidential information and personal data received from Customer non-disclosed and confidential. Jobilla undertakes not to use them for the production of a Service other than with the Customer. If Jobilla delivers Customer’s confidential information to its subcontractors, it will ensure that the subcontractors are also committed to keeping the information confidential. This commitment will remain active even after the Service and contracts between Jobilla and the Customer have been disbanded.

Applicable Law and Settlement of Disputes

The Finnish law applies to the use of the Service. Disagreements over the use of the Service and these Terms are primarily sought to resolve through negotiation between the parties. If this does not lead to a satisfactory outcome, settle disputes in Helsinki District Court.

Validity of the Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions will enter into force on April 9th 2019 and remain valid for the time being. Jobilla reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. You will be notified by email of the new Terms and Conditions.