Krista Wright and her Recruiting Concepts are often called in to help when there is a recruiting challenge coming ahead and there is some complexity in getting the right people hired – for example, some technical skills are needed, or companies need help finding and sourcing candidates. Recruiting Concepts is a small, full-service recruiting business based in Burlington, just outside of Toronto. Its goal is to make things as easy and streamlined as possible for its clients.

In Search of Top Technology

Recruiting Concepts was searching for tools to find and source candidates for companies when it ran into Jobilla. While sourcing candidates and finding the right people is hard enough without a pandemic going on, the pandemic had made the recruiting even more challenging. Also, Krista's recruiting service was the best fit for the clients who needed the whole service. To add to her value to serve a wider range and a larger number of companies, Krista was interested in finding ways to help and support companies that only wanted part of her help. That way it would also be possible to lower the costs of her service. With a wider variety of agile ways to help, she wished to respond to the busy hiring scene of her area the fullest way possible and to get a wider range of clients.

Modern Recruiting Technology

The cooperation with Jobilla was super timely. Jobilla caught her interest right away. "It was a massive standout in terms of technology and tools to find and identify talented people", Krista describes her impressions and continues: "Jobilla is really different from the known traditional ways of recruiting. It is not focused on traditional job searching platforms like national job boards, LinkedIn, or Google Jobs, where people are actively searching for new jobs. Jobilla is designed as a modern recruiting tool and it can tap into the passive candidate market, where people may be a perfect match but they are not actively looking for a job." What she also finds incredibly helpful is the new innovative dashboard that gives real-time analytics about what is happening, and makes it easy to manage all along the recruiting process. The dashboard works as a DIY model, so it easily adapts itself to all kinds of recruits.

Nothing Else Had Worked – Krista Offered Jobilla for a Mutual Trial

Krista's first campaign was for a very demanding construction-related hire. Before Krista came to the picture, the owner had already tried practically all the traditional ways of recruiting, but nothing had worked. The situation started to become quite frustrating. The assignment came right at the time when Krista was learning about Jobilla. Being excited about this potential new tool herself, she presented the idea to the owner and asked if they wanted to be the first to try it out. The owner immediately understood the possibilities of this new tool, so they started a campaign. During the process, the owner and Krista were able to follow the process in real time with full analytics of what was happening, so they knew what was going on and what should be done next. Finally, they ended up with 76 applicants. Ultimately the owner got four hires from the campaign.

"When you run a business and you choose your partners and suppliers, it is based on a relationship."

"When you run a business and you choose your partners and suppliers, it is based on a relationship", Krista says. Trustworthiness was one of the things that convinced her to work with Jobilla. "Jobilla's Customer Service has been very helpful and a real wealth of information", Krista thanks her partner. It was easy for her to get the hang of the process and learn to use the software. Krista's Recruiting Concepts is the first in Canada to use Jobilla as a tool to find suitable candidates for its clients. Despite being far away, Krista feels that Jobilla’s help is always nearby. "Anytime I've had a question at any level, Jobilla's team members have all been responsive whenever I've needed them. "

The Benefits of Partnership

The software has widened Krista's opportunities to help a wider range of client’s needs in a new way. She can now help customers who don't need the full A to Z recruiting service but only a bitesize of it. This has lowered costs, so with Jobilla at hand Recruiting Concept can uniquely support a whole new stream of clients. Since Jobilla integrates an entirely new way of sourcing candidates and the targeted marketing tools increase the number of candidates significantly, Krista is even more confident in delivering her clients the best results in the market.

Being at the beginning of the cooperation, the feedback and response from clients have been really promising. They have been super excited to have the possibility to try something that nobody else has yet tried in their field. The joy and excitement of being able to offer this new way of doing things and the edge to her clients can be sensed in Krista's smile as she speaks.

Recruiting Concepts Offers Jobilla as Part of Their Service

"I feel really proud to offer Jobilla to my clients since it is such an innovative and a top technology concept."

Within a few months, the service has already started to gather notice and traction from Krista's customers. "I feel really proud to offer Jobilla to my clients since it is such an innovative and a top technology concept", Krista says and is seemingly happy and proud. She has been able to increase the size of her proposals on biddings around her area due to Jobilla’s new possibilities, and can now offer campaigns and the software to support her clients to find, manage and recruit the right people for the jobs offered. She has also been able to get a whole new stream of clients from small businesses and family businesses, who don't need Krista's full service, but for whom finding the right people is really a key element of their success. Jobilla allows Krista to sell this model in her services on a volume basis, which is something totally different from what she had been able to offer in the past. 

With Jobilla's help Recruiting Concepts is creating a landing page for their website to promote services and tell about the employer branding possibilities. Thinking about the partnership, Krista describes having learned for herself about passive candidates recruiting, demographics, insights into the job market, technology, and how to attract candidates that are in line with the changes going on around us.

Recruiting is All About Marketing

For Krista it's no longer about applying for a job, it's about engaging with the possible candidates. Jobilla catches the attention of the candidates with a great digital campaign. "For many years there was a separation between employers and employees. The company was the one who decided whom to hire", Krista shares her views. "Now there is a very different outlook: candidates know what they want and there is a lot of things they want. Money is definitely not the decisive point. Historically, recruiting has been with HR but it is about marketing and overall marketing strategy, promotion employer branding – it's a whole process. One should position oneself as an employer of choice and promote oneself as much for the candidates as for one's clients."

Krista's Views on the Future of Recruiting:

  • becoming more and more a global phenomenon
  • remote working has come to stay at some level
  • companies will simply tap into a wider global pool of candidates
  • technology will change many things in recruiting

Besides the many difficulties the pandemic has created, Krista also sees it as a time of incredible innovation and true global working relationships. With the global recruiting networks, Krista was able to find Jobilla and she has been able to get a head start in Canada and to have, with Jobilla, the edge in terms of her competitors. Her business is set up with the latest technology, innovative tools and AI, which allows her to come across and showcase her innovation and be at the top of her game. 

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