Jobilla has been awarded the Growth Company 2021 certificate by Kauppalehti, Finland's largest business magazine. This means that Jobilla is among the top 2% of all the Finnish companies for the last three years. 

The awarded companies have gotten the certificate despite of the global pandemic of COVID-19. The Certificate is therefore particularly impressive and remarkable, since in the wake of the pandemic, it is often staffing and hiring that is the first area where companies make savings. In its recognition, Kauppalehti has assessed companies' ability to renew and innovate, adapt to difficult times, ensure staff resources in a crisis and the importance of crisis and change management.

Jobilla is a Finnish digital recruitment growth company that is growing very fast internationally. At the moment it has clients in 37 countries. As a pioneer in applicant driven recruitment, Jobilla produces on average 7x more candidates for its clients than the traditional recruitment process.  

Jobilla has grown in every year of its operation so far and will double its revenue again this year. Kauppalehti is Finland's leading independent business media and its annual listings are closely followed by the business community. 

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