Jobilla is pleased to receive Kauppalehti's Growth Company award for the fourth consecutive year! Our company continues to grow among the top 2% of Finnish companies in 2022.

Finnish independent financial media Kauppalehti makes annual rankings, which are closely monitored throughout the Finnish economy. Jobilla has experienced steady growth since its inception, and the company is on target to continue to do so.

“Seven years ago, we founded the company and have always believed there is a lot of potential in the team and concepts. We began with a small group of people and had a couple of hundred thousand in revenue. Today, we are generating over a million in sales per month and have over 150 people on our team. Our journey at Jobilla is best characterized by the fact that inside the teams we still feel as though the company is just getting started with its international expansion.”

-Chief Growth Officer Tommi Siro

Jobilla is a groundbreaking digital headhunting and candidate-driven recruitment service. Jobilla connects the right people to the right jobs easily, efficiently and sustainably, and transforms organizational cultures through candidate-driven recruitment. Jobilla was founded in 2015 by a group of passionate entrepreneurs and in 2022 it will recruit in more than 50 countries.

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